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For all things done in WordPress (Web Design)

– WordPress Theme and Plugin Development
– Customization and Responsive Design
– Frontend Development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)
– PHP Programming and MySQL Database Management
– Website Performance Optimization
– UI/UX Design Principle
– CrossBrowser Compatibility

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95 Sunrising, Looe

A Microsoft full stack developer of desktop and web applications mainly using C#, .net and SQL Server. Over twenty year’s professional experience of Systems Development with a proven track record of providing quality software to demanding timescales.

Experience within the full software development lifecycle: from initial gathering of user requirements, involvement in the physical architecture design, to system testing and onsite support of these applications. Also 2 years experience in Agile (Scrum) methodologies.

Worked in numerous business areas including Direct Marketing, Financial services, Call Centres, Broadcasting, Property Management and Local Government.

Microsoft accreditations include Microsoft Certified Solution Developer MCSD, Microsoft Certified IT Professional MCITP – Database Developer.
I am now seeking an advanced position where I can use my skills and continue to grow my technical knowledge whilst making a positive contribution to the business of an employer.

Main Skills

Windows programming 15 years. .Net, Visual Basic
C# 8 Years. Approx. 7 years Windows, 1 year web
SQL Server 15 years Versions 4.2 to 2012
VB.net 2 Years Windows 18 months, 6 months Web
Visual Basic 10 Years Versions 3 to 6
Web Programming 5.5 years Using C# approx. 2 years, VB.net 6 months

Secondary Skills

JQuery     WPF    JavaScript    Subversion (Tortoise, Ankh)    CSS
SourceSafe    Query Optimisation     MVC    MS Office    C/C++
Reporting Services     TFS     Entity Framework    Systems Design
Integration services    HTML    Access     Application Deployment

Personal Information 

Marital Status: Single
Nationality: British
Email: nicklepage@gmail.com
Phone: 01503 262623
Education Details: Bsc. Computer Science (Hons 2i)
    1st Year HND Computer Science
(Distinctions in all subjects)
    Science OND all Merits and Distinctions
Hobbies/Interests: Poker, Sitcoms, Angling

Microsoft Exams

70-100 Analysing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures
70-306 Developing and Implementing Windows Apps with VB.net and Visual Studio.NET
70-316 Developing and Implementing Windows Apps with C# and Visual Studio.NET
70-315 Developing and Implementing Web Apps with C# and Visual Studio.NET
70-431 Microsoft SQL Server Implementation & Maintenance
70-441 Designing Database Solutions by Using MS SQL Server
70-442 Designing and Optimising Data Access Using MS SQL Server

Training Courses

Introduction to C Programming – 1 Week
Object Orientated Techniques – 1 Week
Programming in C++ – 1 Week
SQL Server 7 Administration – 2 Weeks
Windows Server 2000 Administration (MCSE)  – 4 Weeks

Legendware York


Key skills: C#, MVC, Azure, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Wordpress

This period was spent working on a cloud based MVC application. The system was to be used by businesses that rent out Holiday cottages, to assist in the daily operations – CRM, Properties, To Do, Bookings, Correspondence, Payments, and Reports. This was a part time position working 25-30 hours a week

  • Fully Azure based development – Created and setup up the virtual development machines – development was done in the cloud via RDP connection, created Azure SQL Server instances and fault tolerant MVC application running on 2 VMs
  • Developed the MVC application, using entity framework code first with data migrations, and a frontend utilizing – Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery
  • Using TinyMCE users could create documents with merge fields; these could be printed and mailed or emailed to the clients. Using Skype SMS message could also be constructed and sent to customers
  • Comprehensive ‘To Do’ list allowed Users to view upcoming actions, define repeating items and define items which can be chained together. If a booking is made then an Item invoice for the deposit will be added. When this payment is made an Item reminding you to thank the customer is made and an Item requesting the outstanding amount in a months time would be added
  • Created the support site using Wordpress. Including FAQ, membership, forum and subscription to the application using WooCommerce
Legendware York

2013 – 2014

Key skills: Agile, Scrum, C#, WCF, MSTest, NUnit, Rhinomocks, TFS, Subversion, SQL Server

Legend is an independent privately owned UK technology company formed in 2002. It produces software and solutions for Leisure Centres / Gyms. These are all supplied using Software As A Service model. My role was on the core team (new functionality and 3rd line support) producing Windows applications, WCF services and supporting key legacy applications (VB6 and ASP.net).

The technology stack was Visual Studio, SQL Server, SVN and Team Foundation Service (for sprint/backlog management). There was also VB6 support work. All Legend projects are done within an Agile (Scrum) environment. The current multiple technology application is being rewritten as a pure MVC application as a separate project.

  • Liaised with the systems users in order to ascertain the outstanding issues with the system and to define the essential change requests. Then responsible for ensuring these changes were completed to the given timescales and rolled-out to the various sites with a minimum disruption to the users
  • Design and implementation of fixes to the legacy systems mostly C# with VB6, VB.net and a host of other technologies that have been used over the last 15 years
  • Development of C# Web Services for Online Course Integration for Third Party businesses to integrate with the core features of Legend Club Management
  • SEPA Implementation within a corporate Direct Debit Collection Application. Assisted in the re-factoring & development of a legacy application to produce SEPA Payment files for the collection of Direct Debit charges for Leisure Club Members
  • Online Health Club Joining. Set of Web APIs for external web design agencies to include on their websites giving the ability to join a club by selecting a type of membership, paying up front costs via credit cards and setting up of monthly direct debits from websites.

2010 – 2012

Key skills: C#, WinForms, ASP.net, VB.net, SQL Server, Database Design, TFS, WPF

DOCDATA are pan European group listed company in the field of e-commerce fulfilment services and laser technology. I worked for the Response unit, which is responsible for response handling, payment processing and Direct Marketing for UK Charities.

My main responsibility during this time was working on Zinc System. The development environment was C# 4.5, Visual Studio 2010, SQL server 2008R2, Telerik, Reporting services, ASP.Net, TFS. This suite was a replacement for a legacy IT Solution which used access 97, excel 97, VBA, VB6, asp.

On this project I was the senior developer, but was also required to get involved with Design, Requirements Gathering, and Testing.

  • The main Zinc Application. Assisted with the design of and coded the majority of the suites applications. These included
  • Organisation Manager – The main application used by account managers as a central resource of all the information they would need. Included CMS, Coupon in forecasts, Customer Leads, Business Rules, Quality Issues, Contracts, Quality Control and a dashboard for the other parts of the system.
  • Support of included support of various Intranets and Extranets using both C# and VB.net, and various 3rd party controls
  • Producing the Brooke System a C# / SQL Server system, similar to Zinc, but transferred data to Brooke’s online system by automating their Webpages via manipulation of the DOM.
  • Development of custom controls using WPF which could be integrated with the WinForms Application. The Textbox with spellchecking is available from http://spellchecktextbox.codeplex.com
  • Evaluate and produce test applications to see if updating the bespoke ORM would improve development time if replaced with Entity Framework 4.1 midway through the project.

2009 – 2010

Key skills: C#, SQL Server, HTML, Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, Web server Admin

This contract was for developing ASP.net / SQL Server websites for a small company based in Cornwall, with clients ranging from Small Businesses to Major Corporations. Websites were written using both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 using C#, SQL Server 2005, XHTML, Ajax, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • ASP.net Occupational Health Management system for People Asset Management used by 3rd parties including Kerry food and Adsa. Responsible for the database design, all coding and technical aspect of the system
  • Produced ‘Time for God’ website for charity that provides volunteers to a number of Christian organisations in several countries. The websites took the details of volunteers and there donations, and matched the volunteers to the available positions. The system was written using Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2005. The clients were not computer literate and needed a lot of guidance with all aspects of the website
Severn Trent Labs

2008 – 2009

Key skills: VB.net, SQL Server, WinForms, SQL Server

This contract was spent working on the Quasar project. This was a replacement of Severn Trents quoting system and registration system with new interactive application that creates as well as maintains Quotes, Projects and Jobs within several departments including Sales & Quotes, Customer Services, Registration, Couriers and Bottle Despatch.

Quasar was created to ensure that continuity and integrity of data relating to quotes and projects is achieved across all of STLs departments. The System was written using VB.net 2005 with Infragistics component controls, SQL Server as the backend database and Subversion source control. The program is run via Citrix servers and can be used by hundreds of people in several countries.

  • As one of the more experienced SQL Server developers on the team I produced a lot of stored procedures for the System. The database and application were loosely coupled so there was no embedded SQL in the application
  • As containers passed through the analytical departments they needed to be correctly identified on several occasions. I was responsible for producing the label module which bar-coded each bottle and included all human readable information required by each department that would be analysis the contents.
  • Also produced the scanning module, this allowed the technicians to scan the containers to determine what tests were needed on each sample and to store the results against these sample;
Torbay Council

2007 – 2008

Key skills: Agile, C#, MVC, ASP.net, SQL Server

At Torbay Council I was a .net web developer using C# and ASP.net, working on several of the councils bespoke ASP.net systems. The databases were SQL Server 2005 and Oracle databases.

  • Rewrote ITSystems application from AS400 as a C# ASP.net (version 3.5) application with a SQL Server 2005 backend. This was required as the AS400 was being decommissioned. The system recorded details of the Council’s software and hardware systems, resources used and, key contacts, as well as a host of other details. The database made use of native CLR objects including stored procedure and triggers. This system included a custom Windows Service which automatically loaded the users with access to the system from files uploaded to the server.
  • Produced a “Request for Work” intranet site using C# (version 2.0) and SQL Server. This was a simple workflow system developed using an Agile methodology. A requested work item went through the approval, development and testing processes followed by the acceptance and sign off process. The database was normalised to 3rd normal form, and had full audit trails on all the tables, as well as DDL triggers to stop database object modification. The system was a requirement of the Council’s external auditors.
The Mortgage Group

2004 – 2006

Key skills: C#, SQL Server, ASP.net, Database Design

Working in a call-centre for The Mortgage Group (TMG), who specialise in arranging mortgages for people who have adverse credit rating. Due to the rapid expansion of the company, their original Access / SQL Server 7 database system needed to be replaced with a more reliable, scalable system. This system was a 3-teir C# (.net version 1.1 – 2.0), SQL Server 2000 system.

  • Involved in the data conversion of the original database, stored in a flat file format in a SQL server database, into a normalised database. Also wrote most of the Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views and User Defined Functions for the database.
  • Produced several of the middle tier services; these were implemented as Web Services, Windows Services and using remoting. All three tiers communicated by serialising the objects as XML
  • Assistant Database Administrator. Maintained all databases required for development, testing, training and production usage. Performed the ongoing tuning of the database instances.
  • Installation of security patches. Planned and implemented backup and recovery plans. Performed database re-organisations as to increase performance Enforced and maintained database constraints to ensure integrity of the database.
  • Responsible for the physical database design, producing optimised Transact SQL and stored procedure. Monitoring the overnight jobs and backups
Brief Summary – Pre 2004

2002-2004 CFP Software – Designer/Programmer (Permanent + Contract) Bespoke VB6 / Access / SQL Server applications for Estate Agents and Property Management Groups

1999-2002 The BBC – Contract – 2nd time on the project
Audience Data Services – Lionheart Project. Visual Basic / SQL Server system giving audience demographics.

1999 Britannic Assurance – Contract Customization of IPSIS system (VB and Btrieve) on FAs laptops.

1998-1999 The BBC – Analyst Programmer – Contract
Audience Data Services – Lionheart Project. Visual Basic / SQL Server system giving audience demographics

1995-1997 The BBC – Analyst Programmer – Contract
Production Manager. VB and SQL. Forecast and control costs of producing television programmes

1994-1995 NatWest Homeloans – Programmer – Contract
VB/SQL Server workflow system used to process and track mortgage applications

1989-1992 ICL Computers Ltd –- Permanent

1993-1994 – VB Programmer Working on London underground penalty fares system

1992-1993 – C++ Programmer Windows frontends to COBOL database systems

1989-1992 – Trainee Programmer – VME COBOL IDMSX based database systems

Portsmouth Polytechnic.

The first year was a HND in Computer Science course on which all subjects were passed at distinction level. In the second year I was promoted to the 2nd year of the Computer Science Degree which I passed with honours (2.i). Whilst on this course I also won the IBM “Prize for Progress” award.

St Austell College.

Awarded Ordinary National Diploma in Science all Merits and Distinctions

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