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Hello, and welcome to your new website!

First, the things on the menu, from “Training Video“ to “Show All“, will almost never break your website. However, once you click “Show All” things may go wrong…Unless you really understand what you are doing.



Only click on “Show All V” if you know what you are doing. Clicking on this will show you the thing that will break your WordPress site.

The things that are about “Show All V” will not break anything!


Training Videos

The first thing on this page is “How to do things (DOC)” which is this document! After this are videos mostly from youtube, helping you with this site.

These include things like Posts, How to organise your site (HappyFiles), Fluent Forms, and anything else I can think of!


All-in-one WP Migration

This is the backup and restore function. Before you do anything on this site, backup – Then if anything goes wrong you will at least have a backup, which you can then restore.


To back up, press “export”, then in “Export to“ select “GOOGLE DRIVE”…That it!

Restore Backup

So you now need to restore the backup, to do this press “import“, in “Import From” select “google drive”

When Google drive appears, click “My Drive” then you need to select from a folder with the same name as your website e.g. YogaKirsty.co.uk

Once you have selected this folder, there should be several files. These are all backups. Select the one with the date and time that you require, normally the top one.



Do not copy any media from the web, there are several people out there looking to sue you!

You can use free stock images from Unsplash.com, Pixabay.com and others. But it is better to use your own images. Try not to take them with a phone, and professional photographer or semi-professional will do a much better job.

Some folders are used on the website. Here, “Looe*” is used to display the main portfolio section. The entry with * on the end is used as the portfolio.

When Uploading a photo, try not to make it too big…It will slow down your website. The max size is about 1920 x 1080.


ACF Items

ACF Items are items that are displayed in “Cards”. They are easy to fill in. For example, In the item below, “FAQ” is used to displaying the “frequently Ask Questions”

Click on “All FAQ” then “add new” or click the title to edit one. Just fill in the fields, things like FAQ Question, FAQ Anwser,…. press save and that is it….The new card will then be displayed.

The “Quick Edit“ that appears under the “title” can add things like “Taxonomies”. This class is run on a “Friday” which goes into the Taxonomies.


Company Page

This is used to hold things like email, phone number, address. You can change these here and they will be reflected everywhere.

comMessageFromHost is also in this table. If there is a problem….Maybe you are not open on a Monday in the week, you can add it here, and it will be displayed where it is needed.

REMEMBER to delete this when it is finished with

Getting Started.

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